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Herbalife H24 proteinbar

NEW! Herbalife H24 achieve protein bar 

Protein Chips Barbecue
NEW! Protein Chips Barbecue 10 x 30 g 10 x 30 g Vegan
In stock
Protein Chips Sour Cream and Onion
NEW! Protein Chips Sour Cream and Onion 10 x 30 g
In stock
Microbiotic Max Vanilla
Microbiotic Max is a powdered food supplement formulated with a combination of probiotics and prebiotic fibre, that work together in harmony to help support your nutrition goals. This product is high in fibre and each serving contains 2 billion live bacteria from strains of Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus helveticus. 20 sachets
In stock
Formula 1 Savoury 550 g
Are you stuck for evening meal ideas? In need of a lunchtime saviour? If so, then Formula 1 Savoury meal could be exactly what you are looking for.
In stock
Formula 1 Free From
Raspberry & White Chocolate The latest of the New Generation Formula 1 Family.
In stock
€32.95 RRP €39.81
Formula 1 Healthy Meal Bar - Chocolate
Just tear it open and enjoy
In stock
€19.95 RRP €23.31
High Protein Iced Coffee
Your perfect pick up drink wherever you are and whatever you do. Made with 100% Robusta coffee, containing 15g whey protein and only 80 calories per serving. It’s Vegetarian, low in fat with no added sugar.
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€39.95 RRP €49.95
Protein Bars
Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar, treat yourself to a Protein Bar!
In stock
€18.95 €22.49

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