Formula 1: Shake Mix 2-pack

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The number 1 meal-replacement shake in the world.* Need extra Formula 1? See our 4-pack!

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Delicious healthy meal that provides an excellent balance of high quality protein from milk and soy, essential micronutrients and added botanicals and herbs. Contains just 217 kcal. Created with the help of advanced food technology, the shake has a unique mix of ingredients, with easily absorbed high quality soya protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. 

Tastes good and is satisfying, comes in 9 different flavours!

Contains 42 meals. (Each tub contains 21 meals.)

Enjoy Formula 1 shake every day as a healthy meal option. Mix two tablespoons of powder (26 grams) with 250ml of semi-skimmed milk (low fat).
When used for weight control: Replace two meals per day with this delicious shake and eat one nutritionally balanced meal.
For healthy nutrition: Replace one meal per day with Formula 1 shake and eat two nutritionally balanced meals. * 33% share of Global Weight Management Category. Euromonitor 2012.

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